1615 Pisco Quebranta and Italia

Our pisco of choice and featuring in our October Subscribers Kit is 1615 Pisco. If you are new to Pisco and don’t yet know what it is, check back to our previous post to find out all about this South American spirit.

1615 Pisco takes its name from the year 1615. That was the first time historical records appeared indicating the existence of grapes in Peru and their adaptation to the climate and soil of Pisco.

So why is 1615 so great?1615-quebranta single bottle

Bodega San Nicholás, producer of 1615, takes pride in knowing that their vineyards continue the early tradition of pisco production. 1615’s vineyards are located 250km south of Lima in the province of Pisco. They have a particularly privileged climate here, giving excellent characteristics and qualities of flavour and fragrance to their grapes. It is their use of technology in the management and development of the vineyards that ensures premium pisco grapes for the production of their Pisco.

Their production plant has two French-type copper pot stills of 1,500 litres, Italian press technology and stainless steel storage tanks with a high tech cooling system to still the finest Peruvian pisco.

We’ve chosen to use Quebranta and Italia in our October Subscribers Kit:

The Quebranta grape is the strongest of all Pisco grape varieties and the most widely grown. It is from the non-aromatic family and therefore best appreciated through taste rather than aroma. Pisco grapes

1615 Quebranta Pisco is distilled from fresh, recently fermented wine, made from the best local quebranta grapes. No other ingredients are added as the grapes have high sugar content and sufficient natural yeast.


Made from the partially fermented wine of 100% Italia grapes. This is distilled in small batches using classic pisco pot distillation to bottling strength using neither water or any other added ingredients. The Italia grape is a favourite because of its floral, sweet, aromatic character.

Both of these will feature in our October Subscribers Pisco Sour Kit. Join now to be the first to receive this kit next month and try both these Piscos. Alternatively you can try a whole bottle from Amathus.

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