The Blood and Sand Kit – Everything you need to know for the June 2016 subscribers kit

Our June kits are in the making and will soon be on their way to subscribers, so now it’s time to tell you a little more about what’s in store this month, our new recipes and the ingredients you’ll get. If you’re not yet a subscriber, you can join now for just £24 a month. If you just want to try this kit on its own, you can buy one through our shop.

We’ve opted for scotch this month…and undoubtedly the best known scotch whisky cocktail there is – The Blood and Sand is the main feature alongside the Roberto Roy both made with the delicious Wolfburn.

To create your Blood and Sand and more scotch cocktails you will need:

  • Glassware
  • A shaker (check out our Mixologist kit)
  • A long bar spoon/stirrer
  • A jigger (measurer)
  • Plenty of ice – large cubes
  • Maraschino Cherries for garnish
  • 1 – 2 fresh blood oranges (or regular oranges instead)
  • A TASTE Blood & Sand kit or the below ingredients

Each kit contains:

1 x 100ml Wolfburn Scotch Whisky
1 x 60ml Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur
1 x 60ml Punt e mes
1 x 60ml Cartron Cherry Brandy
1 x 30ml Wolfburn Scotch Whisky (to try neat!)

A recipe card detailing history of the spirits, and recipes for the Blood & Sand and the Roberto Roy.


Blood and Sand

  • 15ml Wolfburn scotch whisky
  • 15ml Cherry brandy
  • 15ml Sweet vermouth (Punt e Mes)
  • 15ml Fresh blood orange juice

Garnish – Flamed orange zest, Maraschino cherry

Pour all ingredients into the shaker with ice and shake well. Fine strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with a peel of flames orange zest and a maraschino cherry.

Note: You can swap blood orange to normal fresh orange juice or just 5ml of lemon juice for a less sweet taste.

Roberto Roy

  • 30ml Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur
  • 20ml Wolfburn scotch whisky
  • 20ml Sweet Vermouth (Punt e mes)
  • Optional – Soda water

Garnish – orange slice and cherries

Stir over ice then strain into a chilled glass with a large ice cube. Try it as it is then try topping it with soda for a little fizz.


Alternative Recipes…

Rob Roy

Haig Club Roberto Roy served at HAIG CLUB™ Shanghai

The classic and original (to the Roberto Roy)

40ml Scotch
20ml Sweet Vermouth
2 dash angostura bitters
Maraschino cherry in syrup (optional)

Stir all ingredients together with ice, strain into a chilled martini/coupe glass and garnish with a Maraschino cherry and twist of lemon zest (just the oils then discard the peel).

Bobby Burns

50ml Scotch
25ml Martini Rosso
7ml Benedictine

Stir all the ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon zest and serve with a shortbread biscuit.


More on the June Subscribers kit

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