Cocktail Set

Cocktail Sets

Whether you’ve never made a cocktail before and want to start learning or you’re a budding mixologist and want some tools we’ve got the perfect cocktail sets for you. We deliver across the UK so you can start making your very own cocktails in your home.

What you get with our cocktail sets:

  • A 3-piece cocktail shaker
  • A bar spoon
  • A jigger (50ml/25ml measure)
  • A muddler (for smashing the flavour out of ingredients!)
  • A double-strainer (for ensuring ice-chip-free pours)

You might be wandering what each of these is for, well wander no more as below you’ll see exactly what.

3 Piece Cocktail Shaker

The most well known item of a shaker kit, you’ll no doubt have seen a bartender shaking this and pouring you a drink. It’s a great item to have for the times when the cocktail you’re making needs to be shaken, it comes in 3 parts, the base, the top which features holes to pour as well as a cap so when you shake it doesn’t go everywhere. As the famous James Bond asks for his Martini’s shaken not stirred this is a case when this would be used.

A Bar spoon

Lots of cocktails require you to put in ingredients such as sugar, this spoon can be great for that but the most important part is that this bar spoon lets you mix your drink properly. Often cocktails need to be stirred for a while to help the ice to bring the temperature of the drink down, this tall spoon not only makes this easy but it’s long handle means no matter if it’s in a short glass or a tall one you can do so with ease.

The Jigger

You may know it by this name but the jigger is the measuring item, it’s shaped like an hour glass and one side fits 25ml (single shot) and one side fits 50ml (double shot), this means measuring spirits is no longer guess work, nor the hassle of getting out a measuring jug or using the cap of a spirit bottle. A very handy little tool that you’ll find yourself using even when simply making something like a Gin and Tonic.

The Muddler

A handy tool for when a cocktail requires muddling i.e crushing ingredients such as mint, this tool lets you do so in the bottom of a glass and brings out the flavours and aromas making for a better cocktail.

The Double Strainer

This fine strainer allows you to pour your drink out into a glass without the worry of getting little bits of ice, leaves or other ingredients that you don’t want in your glass. Use it with the shaker and you’ll be sure to have a finely strained cocktail ready to enjoy.


1. Our cocktail sets give you all the equipment you need to make quality cocktails.

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2. Whether it’s shaken or stirred, we have you covered

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3. Muddle ingredients, strain, mix, shake, stir and enjoy!

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