Lazzaroni Amaretto

Lazzaroni Amaretto..what a name! This fantastic Italian liqueur hailing from Saronno is now available in the UK and we are very excited to be featuring it for the first time in our Espresso Martini Kit this November.

The brand prides itself with being the only Amaretto made via an infusion of Amaretti del Chiostro di Saronno biscuits instead of an essence, which really comes out upon tasting….It actually smells and tastes like the cookies you get in Italian markets – sweet marzipan-like almond and crumbly gingerbread biscuits, so delicious!lazzaroni amaretto

Amaretto was first a cookie made by the Lazzaroni family. According to legend, in 1718 the Cardinal of Milan was visiting the town of Saronno. In honor of his visit, Giuseppe and Osolina Lazzaroni baked a mixture of sugar apricot kernels and egg whites and created a new cookie named “Amaretti di Saronno”.

Lazzaroni Amaretto, the Authentic Italian Amaretto since 1851, is still produced and bottled in Saronno, Italy, according to an old and unique formula: the infusion of the famous cookies “Amaretti di Saronno” in alcohol.

What is Amaretto?

Amaretto is a classic aperitif served chilled over ice or in a wide range of cocktails and mixed drinks and is also an essential ingredient in many Italian desserts.

This Italian liqueur has an almond-apricot flavour which marry well together.

The name ameretto actually comes from the diminutive ‘amaro’, the Italian word for bitter, (referring to the bitter almond) so essential to the balance of a good amaretto.

Whether you are an amaretto fan or a newcomer, we definitely recommend trying this one, and where better place to start your tasting than with our Espresso Martini kit next month. Join now to be the first to receive this kit or have a look at our online shop for one off kits.

Image credit – Nectar drinks