The Story of Ron Barceló

Sugarcane is a grass and the source of 70% of the world’s sugar which is extracted from the sweet, juicy stems. Sugar’s long history has included its spread from New Guinea to South Asia, then with Arab farmers to the Mediterranean, and – most notoriously – as the foundation of the Caribbean slave trade. Introduced in the Dominican Republic in 1493 by Christopher Columbus on his second trip. It is the foundations to this fantastic rum we use in our Mojito Kit...


Ron Barceló was born in 1929 with the vision of a decanter Julian Barceló, young Spanish entrepreneur, founded Barceló & Co. in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1930.

In the 90’s Ron Barceló become international, and is now sold in over 50 countries, ranking it the 4th largest exporter of rum in the world.

Ron Barceló Ageing

The natural ageing process is to store ethyl alcohol between 65 º and 70 º in oak barrels for  at least 12 months (in the DR). The aim of ageing is to get the oak aromas and flavours, tannins and the amber colour which are the basic characteristics of aged alcohol, once its maturing stage is completed.

Given the ideal conditions of the tropics, temperature and humidity, the barrels provide these properties through the oxygenation that occurs through the pores of the wood and likewise a proportion of the alcohol evaporates, which is what some call “angels share“ or ” the reduction of ageing.

Ron Barceló Gran Anejoanejo

This is the perfect blend of the finest Dominican rums of high ageing matured naturally in oak barrels with previous use in bourbon, resulting of a rum with an unique bouquet.

Tasting notes: Medium amber colour. Sweet buttery caramel, nut, and delicate spice aromas. A round entry leads to a dry, medium-bodied palate with toasted coconut, dry caramel, and delicate spice flavours. Finishes with a dry caramel, chalk, straw, and pepper fade.

ABV = 37,5% (75º proof)


Ron Barceló Gran Platinum
ron barcelo

A blend of the finest Dominican rums patiently settled in oak barrels, carefully filtered to provide its purity and brilliance.

A rum with an attractive taste and aroma: Fresh to the nose due to its array of fragrances, green apple and eucalyptus at start. Well structured due to its settled rum lineage. Pink pepper and eucalyptus are enhanced in the after-taste with citrus notes.

ABV = 37,5% (75º proof)


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