The Story of Yaguara Cachaça

Hopefully by now you’ve read our post on Cachaça and know what its all about! In our August subscribers kit we are featuring the Caipirinha cocktail made with Yaguara cachaça – so here’s a little more about it.

“This is a product that combines the latest in spirits technology, with the knowledge of 100 years of artisanal craftsmanship”

They focus on retaining the distinctive flavour of cachaça, yet deliver it within a smoother, refined and more balanced spirit. Achieved by using the variety of flavours, aromas and finishes they have created a final spirit which is ultimately better than the sum of it’s parts. It is both a science and an art, and one that their master blender Erwin Weimann has spent over 40 years refining and improving.  yag bottle

The bottle design is taken from the distinctive pattern found on the beachfront along Copacabana, Brazil.

To taste: hand harvested sugar cane shines through on the nose with a drop of sweet citrus on the tongue.

Appearance: Clear/very faint yellow tinge.

Aroma: Fragrant sugar cane and dried grass with faint honey suckle scents.

We are thrilled to be featuring Yaguara in our August kit – join now to be the first to try this Cachaça

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