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Cartron Creme de Mure:

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This French blackberry liqueur is part of the Cartron range. Joseph Cartron has been and remains a family business since 1882 with strong roots in the town of Nuits-Saint-George in the heart of Burgundy’s cru vineyards. The soil of this region has been producing high quality fruits for centuries.

Made using the last red berries of the summer, the wild blackberries are waited for and are harvested when fully ripe which guarantees the authentic taste of this fruit Liqueur.sm_1370037454_cartron-medailles-mure-roncieres

Joseph Cartron insists on using only wild blackberries, stating they are the only ones with real aromatic power.


The vats are loaded with fruit up to 2/3 of their volume, and then topped up with pure alcohol. Maceration is carried out at room temperature and lasts 4 to 5 weeks until the colour and aromas of the blackberries are perfectly transferred to the alcohol.

The infusion obtained is then decanted and carefully filtered. Crystallized sugar is slowly mixed in which naturally lowers the alcohol content and develops the flavour of the fruit. The liqueur is then ideally saturated and full of expression. This process is the result of a ‘tailor-made’ recipe, passionately kept secret, as well as the ancestral know-how of the Joseph Cartron Company.

Tasting notes

To the eye: ruby coloured with a slightly blue rim.

To the nose: fresh with a strong aromatic power. Fruity with lovely soft notes.

In the mouth: the first wave is pure and syrupy. The texture is balanced. Strong aroma and good persistence, the fruit is very dense. The finish is spicy with sweet spice notes.

Delicious straight on ice. Essential in the making of numerous cocktails.
Adds a gourmet touch to cooking and desserts.


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Cartron Creme de fraise des bois:

Real underwood treasure, wild strawberries like to develop in the shade of the trees. These rare, exquisite and very perfumed little fruits bring to Joseph Cartron’s Crème de Fraise des Bois (Wild Strawberry Liqueur) a delicious wild and pastoral note.

To obtain a richer and stronger taste, Joseph Cartron mixes the selected wild strawberries with a Plougastel variety of strawberries famed for their perfume and power in the mouth.

Cartron Creme de peche de vigne de Bourgogne:

The Burgundian vine-growers used to plant this variety of peach tree in the middle of their vineyards in order to prevent certain illnesses that attacked the vine plants.

Today, the fruits selected to make the Joseph Cartron Crème de Pêche de Vigne de Bourgogne are grown on the neighbouring slopes of the Hautes Côtes de Bourgogne. These little white, red veined flesh peaches give its gorgeous golden colour and unequalled aromatic power to this Fruit Liqueur.

Cartron Curacao Triple Sec:

Joseph Cartron’s Triple Sec Curaçao is made from the essential oils of the sweet orange (from Brazil and Florida) and bitter oranges (from the Ivory Coast and Sicily). Only the core of the peel is kept in the processing of these essential oils, the bitter white skins are meticulously discarded.

The harmonious blending of the two varieties of fruit as well as the traditional character of this recipe ensure an extreme concentration of spirit of orange of a rare intensity. The singular flavour of bitter orange is perfectly restored.

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Image Credit: Liquorpro and Joseph Cartron