The Duppy Share Rum

February is an excellent month. Dry January is over, Mardi Gras carnivals are just around the corner, love is in the air… and pancakes are involved! There’s even a bonus day thrown in this year. If that’s not enough for you, we’ve teamed up with The Duppy Share golden Caribbean rum to create two epic cocktails to try – a Rum Swizzle and a beautiful Rum Old Fashioned.

What is a Duppy, I hear you cry?

Duppies are Jamaican ghosts with a special love of rum. As a spirit ages in barrels, a certain amount is lost through evaporation over the years. Known as the Angels’ Share in Scotch whisky production, this is far too tame for the world of rum…

Caribbean legend has it that the dark Duppy spirits swoop between islands stealing the best share of the rum as its left ageing in old oak barrels. Spirit masters, and skilled in the fine art of blending, the Duppies take only the best. This is The Duppy Share.

TDS Old FashionedThe Rum

The Duppy Share is a balanced blend of premium rums from the beautiful Worthy Park Estate in Jamaica and the prestigious Foursquare distillery in Barbados. A big, bold, 3 year old, 100% pot still Jamaican rum packed with tropical fruit flavours up front is followed by a smooth 5 year old Barbadian rum, giving a warm buttery finish. From a mean rum punch to a classic mojito, The Duppy blend will shine in all your favourite rum cocktails. The Duppy Share is a brand new and independent rum brand, founded by George Frost and Jess Swinfen in 2014. Check out The Duppy Share for more details and drinks suggestions.

You can stock up your cocktail trolleys with a bottle of Duppy from Amazon, or if you just want a taster first, there’s a Duppy/TASTE cocktail kit in the making and it could be on your doorstep at the start of February.