The TASTE Team’s favourite go-to drinks..

As a team we are often asked what our favourite cocktail is…it’s always a difficult question and I think it almost always depends on the time of day, weather outside, and what I’m in the mood for that day. However we’ve managed to come up with some vague insight into what tipples tickle our TASTE buds and why… so here it is:


When people ask me what my favourite cocktail is, I usually answer with whatever our current subscribers’ kit is featuring that month! There is no spirit or liqueur that I’d say I don’t like at all, and when I start researching recipes and taste-testing things for our subscribers’ kits, I fall in love with the main spirit and all its possibilities.

The thing I acquired the taste for most recently is Campari. I used to hate it, but it’s definitely one of those things you need to try a fair few times before you begin to appreciate just how brilliant it can be. The Lucien Gaudin recipe in our Negroni kit is my favourite way to use it, but if a cocktail bar has a Boulevardier on the menu, that will very often be my order.

The one I always keep coming back to is Mezcal (or Tequila). A Tommy’s MargIMG_9338 (1)arita is almost a perfect drink. Smoky Mezcals can add a scotch whisky feel to an otherwise refreshing, Mexican cocktail. And I think there’s an element of wanting to educate people on how amazing all spirits can be, that I like to make sure I get my friends to try my Mezcal cocktails whenever they say “I hate Tequila”.

If I’m making my own drinks at home, a good G&T will always be right up there, but thanks to the excellent range of ingredients we have available to us, I’ll often make Negronis, Old Fashioneds, Martinis, Sazeracs, or just sip on a good rum or tequila.


I’m a huge cocktail fan (thankfully) I’ll drink most spirits asuper golden bakes bramble picnd liqueurs over wine or beer any day, but when I’m asked to choose my favourite its always hard to answer. In short I love all things gin…a classic Gin and Tonic has got to be up there at the top, when made to perfection this quintessentially British drink is definitely my go-to cocktail (usually Sipsmith and Fever-Tree). Its so easy to spice up your classic G&T too..for example this summer I found myself sipping on a cold brew coffee G&T made with Sandows coldbrew, its a great pick me up drink and a little lighter than the Espresso Martini.

The Bramble is close behind, especially when I’m home in the countryside and picking fresh blackberries from the hedgerows. The Bramble kit we do is probably my favourite box, it also features the Casita club cocktail which is so delicious!

My favourite seasonal cocktail:
I’m going to whack in one more for you (because I can’t just choose one favourite!) and this one simply must be shared..Its a Marmalade Mule – Perfect for this time of year (and a change from all things gin) its made with Chase Marmalade Vodka and topped up with Ginger Beer..garnished with an orange peel its delicious warming and oh so Christmassy.


old-fashioned-cocktailBefore joining TASTEcocktails I was not a fan of whiskey at all, if you’d have told me my favourite cocktails would be whiskey based a year ago I’d have said not a chance! However after trying out the Old Fashioned Kit it quickly become my go to cocktail.

When enjoying a cocktail I now tend to be drawn towards those which are bourbon based, and if I don’t go for an Old Fashioned you’ll find me often enjoying the likes of a Whiskey Sour, Sazerac or one of my more recent favourites a Mint Julep which involves a mix of bourbon, sugar, mint and crushed ice.

The most interesting part about my favourite cocktail (Old Fashioned) is that when I’m drinking one and people ask what’s in it, the mention of bourbon/whiskey can be enough to put some people off just like I would have been put off a year ago, a simple taste and it quickly changes people’s minds..another great reason to love this cocktail. The other thing I do love is that due to it having only a few ingredients e.g Bourbon, Sugar Syrup, Angustura Bitters, Ice and Orange Peel it means you can taste the difference in the bourbons you use.


So there you have it…a brief summary of our favourites…let us know what your favourite cocktail is by tagging us in a photo on Instagram or mention us on Twitter, whether its a TASTE kit or a recipe you’d like to see featured in a box soon, we are always on the hunt for new ideas and recipes for kits!

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