What is TWIST?

Update: We are now rebranded as TasteCocktails.com

TWIST is for the cocktail lover, or the wannabe mixologist. Each box contains premium ingredients, recipes, and information about the source and history of your drinks.


Subscribe to guarantee yourself a new box every month, or buy a one-off for yourself or as a gift from our limited run of boxes. When it arrives you’ll have the ingredients to mix incredible cocktails and the information to improve your technique, knowledge and enthusiasm for the world of mixology.

What’s in a Twist box?

Each box contains a selection of recipes and all the main liquid ingredients you need to make them (4 cocktails per box). We’ll leave it to you to find things like limes, an egg, or mineral water, but we’ll let you know before you buy if you need them, and we’ll remind you before it arrives so you have time to get them ready.

​The recipe booklet in each box also contains articles about the source and history of the ingredients, interviews with industry experts and hints and tips for improving your technique, tasting, flavour matching and so on.

​We might even throw in a few extra edible surprises…

Why subscribe?

Subscribers guarantee themselves a new box each month (non-subscribers have to be quick to buy one of our limited run of extras before they sell out!) and also gain access to all the previous recipes, tips and information form previous boxes, which are all available online.

Note: We are now rebranded as TasteCocktails.com

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