What to do with your old TASTE Cocktail bottles

We hope you’ve enjoyed your Cocktail kit this month, but if you’re at a loose end with what to do with the empty bottles or if you’re looking for something to do on a rainy afternoon, then simply have a look below and see how you can reuse them…

We’ve had great fun filling them with spices and decorating the table with mini vases, let us know what you think is best by tweeting @tastecocktails with your pictures or mention us in your photos on Instagram.

1. Holiday cocktails – ever wanted to take a cocktail gift on holiday but only taking hand luggage, don’t panic all our IMG_9317bottles are under 100ml (they are small enough to go on planes, if you haven’t already drunk them at home!) Click here to shop. 

2. Fill with homemade salad dressings and sauces – Find great recipes here and here

3. Mini flower vases – a couple of 100ml bottles do perfectly for table decoration. Simply fill them with water and fill with small wild flowers to decorate.

4. Fill your bottles with any other cordial/cocktail or colourful drink and sip through straws, they look effective and would make a great addition to those summer parties. See examples here

5. Homemade spice jars – simply fill the jars or bottles with your spices and herbs and label with the appropriate names, pop them in the spice rack and there you go

6. You could even use them in the bathroom – filled with bath salts or bubbles – they’d make a great home-made gift.

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Image credit: Just one Fille

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