The Rum Old Fashioned

We’re featuring this delicious recipe in our February subscribers’ kit, as a perfect way to show off The Duppy Share Caribbean Rum.

Give the classic Old Fashioned a little twist with some dark rum. It goes perfectly with the zesty orange to make a deeply-flavoured short cocktail.

The story of the Old Fashioned is exactly as it sounds, an old classic cocktail traditionally make with Whisky and sweetened with sugar.


40 ml Dark Rum
15 ml Falernum
4-5 dashes Angostura Bitters
Sugar syrup (optional – add to taste)
Cubed Ice
Orange Peel


How to make the perfect Rum Old Fashioned..

  1. Fill a rocks glass with three large ice cubes
  2. Pour the rum over the ice and stir for 40 seconds to chill the rum
  3. Add another 2 to 3 ice cubes and pour in the falernum and bitters and stir
  4. Top up the glass with more ice and then stir one more for another 30 seconds just for luck
  5. Cut a piece of orange peel about the size of your thumb (be careful not to bend it yet). Hold the piece of orange peel over the glass and bend it to release some oil into the drink
  6. Add the orange peel to the drink, stir a couple more times and serve.

The Old Fashioned Duppy (the recipe in our February Subscribers Kit) is in fact a combination of the Rum Old Fashioned and the Corn ‘n’ Oil recipe below:

50ml Rum
10ml Falernum
2 Dashes of bitters
Wedges of lime to garnish

Image credit: The Versatile Gent and The Duppy Share

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