August’s new kit: The Daiquiri Box!

This month we’ve gone all Cuban, with the Daiquiri Cocktail, and a few amazing variations. We’re mixing things up, however, by using 2 brilliant rums from Panama instead!

This box makes:

2x Canchanchara cocktails (the precursor to the Daiquiri)

2x Classic Daiquiris (premium rum, lime, and sugar. Delicious)

2x Hemingway Daiquiris (made originally for Ernest Hemingway, but tweaked since then to create a sweet yet sour grapefruit variation)

This month we’re giving you a whopping 260ml of rum! Ron Cortez Blanco (white) and Ron Abuelo Añejo (aged) and 2 great rums from the same distillery in Panama.

So Panamanian Rum meets Cuban recipes meets London mixing! Enjoy!

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