Chambord – Black raspberry Liqueur

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Chambord is a black raspberry liqueur, sweetened with honey and flavoured with exotic spices.

Made using 100% natural ingredients including Madagascan vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, honey and cognac. Inspired by a raspberry liqueur gifted to Louis the 14th at Chateau Chambord (image above), in the 17th century. Made in the Loire valley France, close to Chambord.

This versatile liqueur which is great in cocktails and can be used with anything from absinthe to whiskey. So how is it made?


  • A combination of black raspberry, red raspberry and forest fruits are added to a neutral spirit made from French grain.
  • This is gently heated (45c), to help extract the delicate flavours from the fruit. The infusion is left for 4-6 weeks, and this yields an incredibly rich and aromatic infusion which is called “the first juice”.
  • This first juice is taken away and a second layer of spirit is added to the fruit. This is left for two weeks to delicately extract more juices, acids and tannins from the berries. This, known as the second juice, is also taken away.
  • The remaining berries are given a light press to obtain the final flavours and nuances, this is known as the third juice. These three juices are then blended to produce the “berry infusion”.
  • At this stage a blend of XO cognac, Madagascan vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, honey and spices are married together. It should be noted that all of these ingredients are natural and no artificial flavours are used.Chambord_Liqueur_Bottle,_Oct_2014


A few facts about Chambord…

  • Chambord was a key figure in the growth of the third cocktail revolution of today. A key ingredient in many of the forerunner cocktails of this era, including the “French martini”.
  • This is a complex, multi-faceted liqueur using only 100% natural ingredients. This combined with our unique 3 step production process separates us from other fruit liqueurs.


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Image credits: Chambord and Gal meets Glam

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