Shoreditch Shaken Cocktails and Recipe Videos

Ever wondered how to make a certain cocktail? Shoreditch Shaken is here to answer all your questions with fantastic step-by-step tutorial videos. It is one of the best places to get all the information on how to make great cocktails.

They’ve visit bars and meet bartenders across the country to create a range of great how-to cocktail tutorials.

Founders, Sam Gormley and Luke Ibbetson got in touch with us at TASTE a while ago and popped over to film Toby making a Bramble Cocktail as part of their bartender takeover.

Late last year Luke then filmed our crowdfunding video and they have continued their ‘Bartender Takeover’ filming at a number of great bars, including: Casita, The Sun Tavern, Discount Suit Company

More about the founders…

I managed to have a quick chat with Sam to find out more about Shoreditch Shaken here’s what he has to say…

“Luke and I have been friends for many years, I work in marketing and Luke works in TV.  We have worked on a number of projects together from short films to music videos and always loved how a video tells a story.”

Why did you set up Shoreditch Shaken?

“About 12 months ago we wanted to know how to make a cocktail, so we headed to youtube and after trying to find a short video which didn’t feel like you needed a entire bar to create the drinks. As a result we had a beer instead and made a plan to create a cocktail channel where anyone (and I mean ANYONE!) can make a cocktail in minutes with ingredients that are not out of reach. We grabbed our cameras, called our amazing composer friend Dave for some background music, and started recording.”

From there Sam and Luke have gone on to set up the Bartender Takeover feature to highlight bars, brands and bartenders that they find genuinely interesting.

If you’re looking to get involved just drop them a line at [email protected]

What it is you are trying to achieve?

In short we are aiming to create a channel that is

A) Interesting to watch, even if you’re not about to make a cocktail
B) Short, snappy and straight to the point
C) Make it possible for everybody to create cocktails at home in minutes

Your favourite bar?

Helgi’s in Hackney – I only discovered it last week, it’s everything I want from a cocktail bar. Dark, calm, great music and easy-going bartenders.

Your favourite cocktail to make and drink?

I’d have to say a Daiquiri. Very quick to make and strong enough to get the party started.

Your favourite cocktail/bar/bartender to film?

Tye from Shutterbug in Shoreditch. That guy is incredible. He loves what he does and makes everyone who comes into that bar feel special. He’s an artist and an entertainer, and an all round good dude. Check out his Christmas Special from last year.


Check out their YouTube Channel for more cocktail recipes.

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