The Story of Loca Lab and Minus 33 “Gin”

Minus 33 Juniper Distiller Spirit

The Gin category is booming and every craft gin that appears on the market has its own distinct flavour and fascinating story behind it. However with this unique spirit, we can’t officially call it gin… Despite its juniper-heavy flavour, it is bottled at an ABV of just 33%, below the 37.5% minimum requirement to be classed as a gin. So what is it?

At the heart of Loca Lab lies a disregard for the norm, they do things differently to ensure every drop is flawless. Using instinct and a touch of science Loca spent a year creating the perfect spirit. Minus 33 was launched by Edinburgh university graduate Sam Trett, after seemingly endless tinkering and flavour testing.

Sam told us: “We were doing focus groups every week for each new batch, and one week we just happened to have a 33% spirit. Everyone loved it! We loved it! But it wasn’t a gin… We had to choose between compromising the flavour to up the alcohol percentage and call it a gin, or keep it exactly as it was and get on board with the idea of creating something new. Ultimately, the taste is the most important thing, so we went with it.”

Made with all natural ingredients and 9 different botanicals this spirit is fresh and floral with hints of juniper, citrus, lavender, elderflower and angelica. Liquorice naturally sweetens the spirit during the distillation process, and the slightly lower alcohol content means the drink has a much smoother, less harsh, taste even when drunk neat.

Minus 33 is light and refreshing. They have combined test tube alchemy with traditional methods to extract only the finest flavours. Made with care, calculation and consideration they have created a truly unique artisan juniper distilled spirit that’s also just 46 calories per serving!

Loca Lab recommend it be enjoyed with tonic, lemon and a dose of curiosity; or in a Gin Sour, with hibiscus-petal-infused sugar syrup!

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