Cocchi Vermouths


Cocchi (pronounced: Koh-kee) vermouth is produced in the historic Asti region outside of Torino, Italy. To celebrate its 120th anniversary, the House of Cocchi has resumed production of its original recipe for Vermouth di Torino, first offered in 1891.

Cocchi offer a range of unusual aromatized wines, sparkling wines and a few different Vermouths. Vermouth is essentially a fortified, aromatised wine, usually with a rich, intense, well-rounded flavour.

Having tried and tested their range ourselves we are really excited to share Cocchi Americano and Vermouth di Torino with you in our April Negroni kit.


cocchi di torinoCocchi Vermouth di Torino

The house of Cocchi is a Torino (the area of Italy) winery known for an array of still, sparkling and fortified muscat wines. In 2011 they revived their house vermouth, resulting in the first genuine Vermouth di Torino.

We say it is genuine Vermouth di Torino due to it being one of the only two protected geographical indication of origins for vermouth (the other being Chambery), in that same way that Champagne may only come from its named region of France.

This Vermouth follows the regional tradition of using fine Moscato wine as its base, which is then infused with a secret recipe of local and exotic botanicals. The rich, vibrant flavour profile offers complex notes with a balanced bitterness. Although it can be enjoyed neat it is fantastic in numerous classic cocktails. With enticing notes of red fruits and orange, this is a versatile vermouth that is delicious served on its own with ice, but also makes a great base for a range of cocktails, including a Manhattan, Martinez or Negroni.



Cocchi Americano cocchi americano bottle

Cocchi Americano means much more to Asti than a simple wine made with the infusion of herbs and spices. Cocchi’s is widely regarded as the original Aperitivo Americano, and has been made continuously since 1891 using only natural ingredients.

To aromatise the white wine a secret blend of herbs and spices, including cinchona and bitter orange peels, are added to the wine base which is then steeped over a period of time.

In recent years Cocchi Americano has become a fashionable product in the circle of the best bartenders in the world. It can also be used instead of Kina- Lillet in James Bond’s Vesper recipe.

The Cocchi Range

The company also produce a range of sparkling wines, Cocchi Rosa (rosé vermouth), Barolo Chinato, and Vermouth Amaro. Find out more about the range, or join now to be the first to try two of our favourites in our April Negroni kit.

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