10 Great Fathers Day Cocktails

Fathers Day Cocktails

Fathers Day is fast approaching and what more could your Dad want/need than a great tasting refreshing cocktail! Below are some ideas for what they might like..whether its your classic Martini or G&T, or you show off your skills and make him a whisky cocktail such as the Blood and Sand. Either way treat him to a cocktail to make his day!

Rusty NailScreen Shot 2016-06-02 at 16.05.52

A true scotch lovers cocktail. With only two ingredients you can’t get much simpler. Those who like to drink scotch on the rocks normally will have something to contend with and you might just sway them to a whisky cocktail instead after trying this!

Rusty Nail recipe…


This is thManhattan Cocktail Orangee perfect upscale cocktail for the whiskey-loving Dad. Buy him a great bottle of rye which he may not get all the time, and stir this one up with dinner. If your father is more of a Scotch man, go for it and make a Rob Roy instead, or give him the real treat of a bottle of both whiskies along with a vermouth and let him decide.

Manhattan recipe…


Gin has experienced something of a revolution over recent years and the Negroni is now featured on most cocktail bar menus. It’s the perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication, bitter and sweet; it’s not for everyone but those who choose to will learn to love it!

Negroni recipe…

Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule in Copper GauntletIf it’s a hot summers day then this is a must..use a fiery ginger beer such as Fever-Tree all natural one with 3 delicious gingers in and lots of fresh lime. It’s so refreshing and he’s be surprised by such a  delicious vodka based cocktail.

Moscow Mule Recipe… (Diffords Guide)

Old Fashioned

Old FashionedThis is a true classic and if he like bourbon then you can’t go wrong with this cocktail. It’s simple and easy to make. Best made in a lovely rocks glass with plenty of ice and orange peel for garnish.

Old Fashioned recipe…

Whisky Sour

whiskey-sour_1225Looking to show off your cocktail skills, this one looks fantastic when presented right and actually isn’t too difficult to make. It tastes delicious and will even get those who think they dislike whisky, drinking it!

Whisky Sour recipe… (Diffords Guide)


The Paloma is certainly different from the rest of this list. It’s a tequila based cocktail which is great to have during a hot summers day – a great lunch time cocktail and a Mexican favourite. It beats the margarita hands down with its refreshing kick of grapefruit.

Paloma recipe…

Blood and Sand

Rob RoyIt’s been a popular one last month as our subscribers run. This prohibition era cocktail was named after the 1922 film Blood and Sand, the story of a young boy who becomes a famous bull fighter staring Rudolph Valentino. It seems like an odd mixture, but it works. What you get is a well balanced drink with a hint of fruitiness and some kick.

Blood and Sand recipe…

Tom Collins

Tom Collins Tall GlassAnother summer special, gin based, its a popular one! It’s easy to make but you have to get it right to make is tasty! Sugar/simple syrup instead of just caster sugar is essential and top the soda to your required taste as too much dilution will ruin the drink.

Tom Collins recipe… (Liquor.com)

Classic Dry Martini

Gin or Vodka? Dry or perfect? An olive or a twist? Shaken or stirred? So many options matini-12with this drink you can make it differently every time. James Bond drinks it so every other man should too! This is definitely one for Saturday night (before fathers day).

Martini recipe…

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